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About Amazing Wipes

Our amazing history

Who are Amazing Wipes?

Established in 1929, a family company Cleaning Waste did just that – made cleaning products from waste. In our case, rags. The company has evolved, becoming specialists in the wiping market, with new products added such as non-wovens and paper wipes along the way.

Amazing Wipes has a wonderful, friendly team of experienced wiping professionals in sales, distributor support, operations, logistics and general management, with two of our team boasting over 30 years’ service! Our no-nonsense, fast turn-around is highly valued by our wide range of customers and sectors.

Amazing Wipes offers outstanding levels of service, backed by our values of trust, integrity and a passion for quality. That’s why lots of our customers have been faithful for many years. We like to think we’ve been doing an amazing job.

Meet the team

Amazing Wipes is made up of a team of amazing people. We think work should be fun, so we take a fun approach. Here are some details about the people you'll deal with.

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Call us now on 01484 868970 if you have any questions or just want to have a chat. We're happy to help you.

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